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    As Thanksgiving in the U.S. approaches, for sure couples and families are now thinking of what dishes to prepare for this very special occasion. There’s no question that the turkey will continue to be the highlight of the menu.

    Unless you have a big family who are turkey lovers, it is expected that many will have leftovers after the Thanksgiving celebration. But don’t throw them away yet because you can still make use of them in your meal for a few days more.

    One way of using turkey leftovers is to make burgers. Here’s one recipe from Guy Fieri of Guy’s Big Bite called Jewels turkey-jasmine burgers.

    To make the burgers, cut into tiny bits or ground the turkey leftover. Then mix with steamed jasmine rice (or any rice that’s available), thinly sliced spring onions, bread crumbs, one-half teaspoon sesame oil, one tablespoon soy sauce, one large egg, one Thai chilli or serrano chilli that’s minced, one teaspoon sugar and salt and freshly ground black pepper. Mix well until all ingredients are blended.

    Once you’re done, prepare the patties according to the thickness that you want. Then fry them using groundnut oil. Each should cook about five to six minutes on each side.

    Set aside the cooked burgers to cool them a bit before putting them on your burger buns or bap (bread roll).

    To go with your turkey burger, Guy Fieri prefers a cucumber salad. To create this, simply peel your cucumber and slice it thinly. Then mix them with a half of red onion, rice vinegar, sugar and a teaspoon of salt.

    A wasabi mayonnaise is also perfect for this turkey burger. If you have wasabi powder at home, mix a teaspoon to your mayonnaise then add minced ginger and finely chopped lemon peel. Spread this on top of the burger then top with cucumber salad and you’re good to go.

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