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    Poor Antony Worrall Thompson. That poisonous plant incident has him the laughing stock of all the celebrity chefs — but it’s not the first time he’s been under fire.

    Delia Smith once said of him, “Antony Worrall Thompson is dreadful, just repulsive. I think that Food And Drink, the show that he is on, is the most disgusting programme on television. I will never, ever know, as long as I live, how the BBC or the general public can tolerate it.”

    His response: “She’s the Volvo of cooks.” (Gordon Ramsay agrees: “Here we are trying to establish a reputation across the world for this country’s food and along comes Delia and tips it out of a can. That hurts.”)

    Well, so does eating a poisonous plant. Read this for other celebrity chefs word wars

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