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    Last year over 400,000 people asked from reservations at El Bulli, Ferr�n Adri�’s restaurant just outside Barcelona. I’m not sure how many actually got a table, but as the famous restaurant is only open 6 months of the year, it couldn’t have been all of them.

    And its not surprising, because in 2006 it was awarded top position as the world’s best restaurant. “El Bulli” rose from 2nd to 1st postion this year in the “Restaurant Top 50”, booting The Fat Duck in England from the top of the prestigious list.

    All this fuss is because of the “Salvador Dali of the kitchen”, culinary genius Ferr�n Adri� who has brought unexpected creativity to his food. His inventive use of “culinary foam” and “molecular gastronomy” and play on texture and flavour are what makes him an alchemist-chef (which is actually his goal), and one who definitely has a sense of humour and irony too.

    Born in Spain in 1962, Ferran began as a dishwasher in the party isle of Ibiza, and laid his roots in traditional Spanish cooking. He joined El Bulli in 1982, and transformed it into an unknown eatery into what is now what gourmets call the best restaurant in the world with no less than 3 Michelin stars.

    El Bulli opens from April to September each year, leaving Ferran to use the rest of his time to travel for inspiration, research and for experimenting and perfecting new ideas at his workshop in Barcelona, El Taller.

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