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    If you have kids at home and they are interested in cooking, here’s a cool gift to give them. Titled Emeril: There’s A Chef In My World, this is celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse’s second children’s cookbook. He’ll have your kids saying “Bam!” and having a great time in the kitchen even as they make delicious meals all of you will enjoy.

    When interviewed about it, Chef Lagasse says that he thought of writing a kids cookbook in the first place because of the kids who would go to his show. There were also kids who wrote him by email asking questions with various questions about cooking. He realized after “A Chef’s In My Soup” was published that many parents were sneaking peeks into the book too. That inspired the creation of his second book.

    Chef Lagasse says that cooking makes him happy because it makes people happy. He loves soup dishes and pasta. he isn’t fond of desserts – though he does make delicious ones.

    The book is published by Harper Collins.

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