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    Crispy. Crunchy. Tasty. Best eaten with hands. What else could this be but the all-time favorite fried chicken.

    The month of July is significant in the U.S. It’s during this month when the country marks the National Fried Chicken Day specifically every 6th of July.

    The first fried chicken in the U.S. was created in the countryside in the south. It was prepared in a straightforward manner — soaked in buttermilk then seasoned with flour by shaking the chicken in a brown paper bag and then fried in a cast-iron skillet. History has it that the oldest recipe for this popular food written by Mary Randolph dates back to 1928 and published in The Virginia House-Wife.

    Today, there are numerous variations of the fried chicken. The difference is in the way they are prepared from seasoning to marinating.

    Marinating the chicken in your preferred spices and seasoning is a must if you want to make it tasty. Letting it stay in the marinade overnight is strongly recommended. This way, the flavors can really get into the chicken.

    If you want it well-done and juicy on the inside, you can also boil the chicken first then marinate it afterwards.

    To achieve that crisp, there are various steps that you can take. One way is to dredge it directly in flour or cornstarch. You can do it once but to create a thick crust, you need to double dredge. By doing the double dredge, you can be sure that your fried chicken stays crunchy even if it won’t be eaten right away.

    Another way is to dip it first in beaten egg before dredging it in flour. The goal here is to make the flour stick well to the chicken and the egg does this job well.

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