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    James Martin Desserts

    James Martin’s culinary career started very early — by 12 years old, he’d cooked for the Queen Mother. (Well, it helps that his dad catered for Castle Howard.)

    He started training when he was 16, training at Scarborough before Antony Worrall Thompson became his mentor. The two then traveled around France, before opening the Hotel and Bistro du Vin in Winchester. He was 22. Pressure was high. Did he buckle? Never. In fact, he changed the menu every day.

    He’s become a well known TV Chef, starring in popular shows like Delicious! and Jamies Martin Sweet. Now, he’s part of Saturday Kitchen which airs on BBC.

    Known for his desserts, he published James Martin – Desserts in Spring 2007. Here he shares his recipe for spun sugar:

    1. Place 125g/4┬Żoz caster sugar in a pan
    2. Pour in just enough cold water to cover.
    3. Heat until the sugar has dissolved and the liquid has turned light caramel in colour.
    4. Using a fork, carefully pull out the sugar threads from the pan and shape over the back of a ladle or large spoon.
    5. When hardened, gently ease off into ball shapes. Repeat with the remaining caramel.

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