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    The thing I like best about The Too Hot Tamales is that they are both so darn likeable. Their show, The Too Hot Tamales, was one of the first cooking shows I ever saw on television, and they just seemed more entertaining to me than say, Jacques Pepin or the Frugal Gourmet, whom I also fondly remember from that era before the Celeb Chef was born.

    Both women first met in at Chicago’s distinguished kitchen of Le Perroquet, the first women ever to work in the reknowned restaurant. Feniger then went on to L.A at Wolfgan Puck’s Ma Maison, and Milliken in Paris at the Restaurant d’Olympe in Paris. Feniger later moved to France as well, working at L’Oasis, a three star restaurant on the French Riviera.

    In 1981 they finally joined forces by opening the humble City Cafe on L.A’s Melrose Avenue. The city grew to become CITY, a large operation inspired by the world’s exotic flavours, which made a huge impact on the Los Angeles dining scene.

    In 1994, Border Grill opened, which was quickly touted as one of the forty best restaurants by the LA Times, won the prestigious IVY Award 1997, and was called of the best restaurants in America by Gourmet Magazine.

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