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    jamie oliver.jpgIn a recent interview, Jamie Oliver has expressed that he feels that he is now ready to take on a new project. He would like to have a show that has more depth to it; something that would truly be BBC. He would like to have a show on the evolution of the British taste buds.

    Oliver says that he would like to look at all of Great Britain, not just England. He says that he sees that there is much to be proud of, and that much of it occurs around food. He would focus on the food of Britain. He would like to bring in some specialists and showcase food and its relevance in history. At this point, though, he hasn’t decided on how to do the presentation yet.

    For those wondering if he’s planning to leave Channel 4 to shift over their sister company, Oliver says that that won’t happen anytime soon. It is definitely something that he will work on though because he feels that the UK is now ready for this kind of show.

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