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    Being a celebrity chef may seem like a glamorous job, and in a way it is. After all who's to deny that there's glitz and glamour associated with a job where cameras focus on you and you get to rub elbows with the rich and famous.

    If you're as addicted to cooking shows as I am though, be it the good old Emeril shows or the crazy reality cooking shows, then you have probably observed the other side of the job of these celebrity chefs – the hard work.

    One thing I have come to admire about my favorite celebrity chefs has absolutely nothing to do with their sophisticated palates or sumptuous creations that always leave

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    me looking woefully at whatever's on my plate. Instead, I have come to admire their work ethics, which I have come to realize contributed as much (if not more) to their success as their talents.  It is clear from the way their roll up their sleeves (both figuratively and literally) that their skill did not come by accident. They worked hard to get where they are. They worked hard to

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    polish not just their cooking skills, but also their management  (Poor management skills is often the reason why restaurants of even really good chefs fail!) and networking skills.

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    In my mind though I believe that their willingness to give their all to their craft comes from their sense of purpose. They know that cooking is their passion and this gives them a sense of purpose, which is to pursue what they love. So while I truly enjoy watching these celebrity chefs for their entertainment value and for the recipe I end up trying in the kitchen sometimes (When there's one easy enough for me), I value even more the way they inspire me to live a life cialis online of purpose and the reminder to work hard on what we know is worth it.

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