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    Jamie Oliver with Fifteen foundation

    Fifteen, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant that offers work and training to disadvantaged youngsters, just celebrated the graduation of its fifth batch of apprentices.

    Oliver’s doing a great thing, reaching out to teens who would’ve probably ended up on the streets. But, under his foundation’s wing, they not only learn a trade, but are exposed to amazing experiences and environments. For example, this batch of apprentices got to travel to Italy to meet some of the food suppliers.

    For many of them, this was their first time to even go on a plane.

    Fifteen’s chef, Andrew Parkinson, says: “They are sometimes a little bit unsure about why they have to take their shoes off and taking your belt off as you go through.” Like small kids, they are enthralled by the view from the plane, even the food that’s served. “Just to see their faces as we land and they step out into another country and they feel the freshness of the Italian air, it is absolutely amazing.”

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