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    As of 2007, several chefs can count themselves as multi-millionaires — their empire based on their restaurants, cookbook sales, and their TV performances. Check out this list:

    In Europe:

    1. Gordon Ramsay, £ 67m ($126m)
    2. Jamie Oliver, £ 38m($71m)
    3. Rick Stein, £ 36m ($67m)
    4. Delia Smith, £ 25m ($47m)
    5. Anthony Worrall Thompson, £ 21m ($39m)
    6. Marco Pierre White, £ 10m ($18m). The only chef on the list who doesn’t have a TV show.
    7. Gary Rhodes, £ 8m ($15m)
    8. Raymond Blanc, £ 7m ($13m)
    9. Nigella Lawson, £ 3m ($5.6m). Interestingly, she is the only chef who doesn’t have a restaurant.
    10. Heston Blumenthal, £ 2m ($3.7m)

    Forbes annual list ranked the American chefs.

    1. Wolfgang Puck, $16m (No. 89)
    2. Emeril Lagasse, $10m (No. 94)
    3. Rachael Ray $6m (No. 81)
    4. Mario Batali $5m (No. 98)

    It is pretty curious how European chefs do better than Americans. Wolfgang Puck is practically an institution, and after all those Hollywood celebs backing him up, you’d think he’d have a bigger bank account. Also, Gordon Ramsey — who’s lambasted celebritydom — has certainly no qualms about his immense fortune, built not just from his restaurants, but 2 reality TV shows, cookbook, and a tell-all biography.

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      1. How Wealthy Are the Celebrity Chefs? on April 19, 2008 3:23 am

        […] with more resources than little ol’ me — we’ll have to go with this for now. From Celebs Chef Net from January 2008: 1. Gordon Ramsay, £ 67m ($126m) 2. Jamie Oliver, £ 38m ($71m) 3. Rick Stein, […]

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