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    Gordon Ramsay may have won 12 Michelin stars, earned millions on cooking shows, and published several bestselling cookbooks — but his kids aren’t impressed.

    His children — Megan, Holly, Maltida, and Jack — actually hate his cooking, prefering their mother’s. “They dream of their mother’s cooking because they’ve gone off mine. It’s a f***ing nightmare. I have to bribe them now with Jelly Babies to say what their mother has cooked is s**t and that they like Dad’s cooking.”

    However, wife Tana may be a bigger fan. In fact, Gordon romanced her with his cooking. “The first night I asked Tana round to my flat, I cooked my favourite dish, roasted sea bass. Wild sea bass sat on a bed of crushed new potatoes and a nice tomato vinaigrette.” His tip for other bachelors: ladies enjoy eating their fish. “Invite them round for the first time on a date and they don’t want to be sat there chewing on a big piece of meat!”

    Here’s a tip for you: serve your kids a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Works every time.

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