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    It’s a brand new year and by now, many of you are for sure engrossed in a weight loss regimen to take off the extra pounds gained during the holiday season. So for the health buffs who want to be in tip-top shape as well as for those who want to start a healthy lifestyle, read up because we have some great news on what foods including veggies will be in for this year.
    Carrots is predicted to hog the limelight this 2013. According to Good Housekeeping, it’s the star now of menus in some of New York City’s most expensive restaurants. It’s being served as tartare and roasted mixed with yogurt. Kids’ menus will also be including more veggies and fruits this time to help them veer away from the usual pizza, nuggets and pasta.

    The juice is expected to be as popular focusing more on fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. To take advantage of this healthy drink, though, forget about those ready to drink juices at the grocery stores. Best to do your own at home using the juicers. Any type of juicer will do as long as it helps you extract the liquid from your fruits and veggies.
    Chicken will be so in so move over beef. There are many reasons why the poultry is going to be on centerstage – it’s cheaper, healthier and delicious. So expect to see this not only at your supermarkets
    but even in restaurants.

    The risotto whole grains are in as well. They’re easy to cook with no need for constant stirring and best combined with quinoa, barley, farro and tomato sauce in broth.

    Smoked food is another trend. So enjoy your bacon, sausage, chicken and barbecue.

    Finally, the so-called underground restaurants will be getting more customers. They serve cheaper and non-traditional food prepared by talented cooks and chefs who may just not have the budget to open their own restaurant. You can find them in farms, cars, abandoned stores and moving vans or trucks.

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