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    small kitchen
    Many homes in the city center such as apartments, flats and condos have limited space. This being the case, their kitchens are also smaller. Normally, they can just fit in a gas range with oven, an overhead cabinet and a small counter that can accommodate a coffee maker, a toaster and a few smaller kitchen appliances.

    Smaller kitchens have an advantage in that you don’t need to walk around to get what you want. With just one turn, you can already do your tasks from preparing your ingredients, cooking your food to making your coffee.

    The downside is it can become a dark corner or what some real estate experts and home designers call as a bat cave. But this does not have to be so if you know how to brighten up the space.

    Installing the proper light fixtures is the best solution to this kitchen woe. There are several ways you can do this and you can even do it on your own without the help of an electrician.

    One is to install under-cabinet lights. Halogen lights are best if you use the cabinets above for just storing plates, other kitchenware and non-perishable items.

    If you’re storing food there, however, you need to use flourescent or LED fixtures because halogen lights emit a lot of heat that can melt food products.

    Another way to create a brighter space is to install lights above the cabinets. This is possible if your cabinets do not go up to the ceiling. Be sure to direct the lights toward the ceiling.

    If you like your lights to be on the ceiling, you can install recessed lights with halogen bulbs. You can use two to three and then line them up about three feet apart.

    So there, any of these options will ensure you have a bright and happy kitchen in your small home.

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