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    If you never noticed, most professions in this world require some sort of uniform attire. For lawyers you have the business suit and tie. For pilots, stewards and the like, they have their own corresponding uniform to wear to work. Even athletes wear their uniforms proudly during each of their games and yes, playing a sport is still considered a professional job. But, what most of you may not know is that chefs not only have a uniform as well, but it comes in so many different styles that you may have never heard of or noticed before.

    Most of you would probably be very familiar with the standard Chef Coat. It’s an all white long sleeved garment that has a very loose fit, also known as a chef jacket. Down the center, you will usually find two columns of buttons that are aligned symmetrically. When worn with a chef apron, this is the stereotypical uniform for this profession.

    But, there are many different variations of the chef’s coat and they even have corresponding titles for it. For example,  women’s chef coats are exactly like the standard ones except the shirt closes on the side instead of the center.

    If you are looking for a drastically different kind of chef’s coat, the Japanese use one that looks more like a Kung Fu uniform. There are no buttons and the sides simply overlap and are fastened by a belt around the waist.

    Aside from those mentioned, there are actually so many more kinds of chef’s coats around the world. Actually, almost every nation in the world has a distinct design that makes their chefs and food unique. The topic is all very trivial but definitely interesting and worth taking a look at just for the sake of doing so.

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