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    Famous celebrity chefs in the U.S. have their hands full in managing their own restaurants and different cooking competitions aired on television. Chef Gordon Ramsay has his MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen and the F Word. Bobby Flay has his own shows BBQ with Bobby Flay, Grill It!, Throwdown! and Worst Cooks in America.

    Among the reality cooking shows on TV, perhaps the Worst Cooks in America is the most unique today. When most shows cater to people who love cooking and are good in it, this Worst Cooks series encourages those not so good in cooking to join the competition and learn to be better in preparing food for their families who knows, in their own restaurant in the future.

    Worst Cooks of America

    The show hosted by Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell, now on its fourth season, offers a grand prize of $25,000 for the team that comes out the best. The finale is set on March 31st and will only have two contestants tasked to prepare a three-course meal of restaurant quality for three chefs – Andrew Carmellini, Anita Lo and Floyd Cardoz.

    Worst Cooks in America has been running for three years now. The participants accepted are those with poor cooking skills who undergo training for eight weeks in a culinary boot camp. They are then grouped into two and taught the basics in cooking from baking and using the knife to using the right temperature and seasoning. Each week, one is eliminated until two are left to battle it out in the finale. The ultimate winner earns the title the Best of the Worst.

    In the last three seasons, the contestants came from various professions with ages ranging from their early 20’s to their 40’s. Season 1 winner was Rachel Coleman, a marketing website editor from New York while Season 2 winner was a lawyer, Joshie Berger, also from New York. A stay-at-home mother, Kelli Powers, won the grand prize in Season 3.

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