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    One area that is very important when you are a regular traveler is the food area of any airport. You sometimes have a lot of time to kill between flights and you may want to grab a bite to eat while you wait. Thankfully, gone are the days when you would have to make do with just greasy food or the vendo machine.

    If you are flying out from the T.F. Greenstate Airport in Rhode Island, you will get to enjoy the food made by Wolfgang Puck. Opening in October, the Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express is an open-air style cafe. The menu includes the chef’s famous pizzas, soups and salads for traveler‘s enjoyment. Yummy!

    The time may not go any faster (this is definitely beyond Chef Puck’s abilities) but thanks to his creativeness and dedication to quality, the waiting will definitely be a lot tastier. You may not even notice the time because the food is sure to be good.

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