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    For most families, a traditional christmas dinner means having turkey even if it isn’t on the list of the twelve days of christmas. Turkey just seems to evoke that feeling of feasting and family that makes the meal more special. For some no substitute will do, which is why turkey stays high on the list of featured recipes during the season.
    In fact last year, Gordon Ramsey chose 6 turkeys for the christmas special of his show, the F Word, last year. He had named them after six celebrity chefs specifically Delia Ramsey, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes, Anthony Worral and Ainsley Harriot. If you are interested to try Gordon Ramsey’s Roast Turkey and Stuffing in a Pan, just click here for the recipe.
    If you avoid cooking turkey because it often comes out unevenly cooked, try the advice of Jaime Oliver. Push some stuffing between the breasts and skin of the turkey. This makes the breasts thicker which is will help keep it from drying out. This way the legs and the breast cook at the same pace.

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