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    I think that you either love or hate True Blood. It’s one of those things that absolutely have to take sides. Personally, I started liking the series. About midway through the first season, however, I just got so bored! I stopped watching, but I am already thinking of picking up from where I left off. People have been telling me left and right that I should have stuck it out a few more episodes, and that if I had, I would be raving about it now.

    Another reason that has got me thinking about watching the show – or at least getting the DVD set – is celebrity chef Tom Colichio’s appearance. In the Season 2 DVD, there are a lot of extras included – as one can expect of any DVD set. I am particularly interested in the segment where the chef makes a drink (blood, of course) for vampires.

    The drink is for vampires who do not want to “eat” humans simply for ethical reasons. Yup, there are vampires who have given up this habit and stay clear of “free-range humans” as well. So, the chef, who has quite a few friends who are vampires, decided to come up with a solution to the dilemma.

    If you want a taste of what the DVD has to offer, check out the video below. You’ll certainly want to see more after watching the chef showcase his talents. Oh yeah, did I mention that he’s kinda cute? Even if he’s not a vampire.

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