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    Having a great kitchen is the dream of many couples and single people who love to cook. For them, the kitchen is the star of the house and they make it as functional as possible.

    Indeed, this particular area in the house where you prepare and cook food can serve many purposes. It can also be a place to dine and enjoy conversation with family members and can even serve as a study area for the kids.

    While not all families can have their dream kitchen, it’s still possible to create one that best suits your lifestyle by doing some renovation work. For those building a new home, however, it’s always best to plan well the layout of the room to ensure you have enough space where you can prepare, cook and serve up meals to your loved ones.

    Basically, the most important sections of a kitchen are the cooking area, storage area and the cleanup area. Many of today’s modern kitchens follow a work triangle layout to make it easier for the cook or head of the family to go back and forth between these areas. The triangle needs to have just enough space and not too big or too small.

    Measuring the size of appliances and deciding on their positions are also helpful in making your layout. From there, you can then proceed with the design of your cabinets and countertop.

    For the cabinets, consider using roll-out drawers, lazy susans and other organizational tools. Lighting should not be forgotten as well as it helps brighten up the space and make cooking easier. This can be above the cabinet, inside (ideal if you use glass doors) or under it.

    Finally, you may want to install more than one sink if you have a spacious kitchen. This will help you cleanup your cooking area easier. Get a sink that’s wide and deep to allow you to better clean plates, utensils and pots without getting yourself wet. Some serious cooks would also prefer to have additional water source near the stove.

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