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    Its hard not to notice Ainsley Harriott. His huge grin, infectuous laughter, fast talking and larger-than-life persona make him stick out of the somewhat drab line-up of British celeb chefs.

    Think of Ainsley as the Emeril of Britain – wildly annoying, but entertaining to watch, and yes, he can cook too. A Londoner through-and-through, Ainsley was born in Balham, South London, and is best known for his show, Ready Steady Cook, a mainstay of British daytime television for the past twelve years.

    Although he started his cooking career as apprentice in an East End restaurant, Ainsley’s obvious passion was for comedy and music, clearly seen in his cooking style today. Still climbing the ladder through London’s kitchens, his career advanced as he was given the position as Chef Tournnant at the Strand Palace Hotel, and later at other famous establishments including the The Dorchester, Brown’s, The Hilton, The Westbury, Quaglino’s, and the Long Room at Lord’s Cricket Ground. Ainsley also opened his own catering business, where his stellar clients included Princess Margaret and Elton John.

    Ainsley was also part of a band in the early 90’s, the Calypso Twins and even released a record during that time. In 1993 he delved into the world of sci-fi comedy in the television show Red Dwarf, where he landed a small role.

    To date, Ainsley is one of Britain’s most famous and beloved chefs, has made numerous appearances on television, as well as written several best-selling cookbooks.

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