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    Celebrity chefs nowadays are not all about ego and fancy restaurants. Ok, you have the Hollywood legends like Wolfgang and the Iron Chefs like Mario, but many of them were not even formally trained, nor do they have trendy restaurants in smart neighborhoods.

    Take the Naked Chef for example. About a year ago, English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver went on a quest to change the school dinners served in the United Kingdom, believing that the fat-laden, processed food served in most school halls were badly affecting children all over the country.

    Born in 1975, Jamie literally grew up in the kitchen of his father’s pub/restaurant, the The Cricketers, in Clavering, Essex. By the time he was 16, he knew that he wanted to be a chef, so he left school and ended up at the The Neal Street Restaurant as the pastry chef of for Antonio Carluccio (another notable Italian Chef in the UK). Here, Jamie learned how to make the most fantastic Italian breads and fresh pastas he is known for today.

    It was at the River Café of Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers that Jamie was discovered by televison. A documentary about the restaurant was being filmed and the editors decided to show a lot of this cheeky kid who was so into the cooking that he’d answer back to the crew… The day after the programme was shown, Jamie got calls from five production companies, and eventually the Naked Chef was born. The idea it was to strip food down to its bare essentials – to prove that you didn’t need to dress up ingredients or buy a load of fancy gadgets to make something really tasty. Following this, Jamie decided to help disadvantaged youngsters, and started to mentor fifteen unemployed or homeless people to train as chefs for his restaurant also called Fifteen.

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