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    If you have a new family product, one of the best people to choose to help promote it is a celebrity chef. After all there isn’t anything more central to a family than food. Chrysler obviously agrees because they’ve chosen Chef Bobby Flay to be their guest celebrity for the product that is their “bread and butter” – the minivan.

    Chef Flay helped unveil the Dodge Caravan, Town & Country. Then he proceeded to make a delicious meal of spiced pork tenderloin and some chocolate cake. The tenderloin had a mango sauce and diced chili pepper which Chef Flay felt matched the boldness of the Dodge brand. The chocolate cake represented the classic aspect of Town & Country.

    Chef Flay had the able assistance of Chrysler CEO, Tom La Sorda, who donned an apron during the unveiling. Bobby Flay quipped that La Sorda sure seemed to know his way around a hot kitchen referring to the fact that the CEO has been in the hot seat lately.

    Whether or not people will buy the new minivan, Chef Bobby Flay sure made it a delicious unveiling.

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