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    bflaybook000x0345x388I am sure that you’ve heard of the Iron Chef’s burger book, as I like to call it, by now. If you do not like burgers, then forget reading this post. But then again, who does not like burgers??? I mean, there must be a reason that a chef of Bobby Flay’s standing spent time and money writing an entire cookbook about burgers!

    So how has the book fared so far? Unfortunately, I have only seen a couple of recipes from it – thanks to the Internet – but I have not had the chance to actually get the book for myself. I was reading Robin Currie’s review of the cookbook, however, and I am pretty convinced that I should get my own copy. The juiciest parts of the review:

    The book, much like the author, is fun, relaxed, straightforward, and easy to like. It includes burger recipes for ground beef, turkey, salmon, and tuna; fries, chips, shakes, and condiments. It gives terrific information on how to make the actual burger (not too thick, and use your thumb to make a dent in the middle of the patty to ensure even cooking, so it won’t puff up in the center.)

    But the book is really all about the toppings, offering dozens of ideas for branching out from the familiar lettuce and tomato and for using some regional/cultural creativity.

    Aside from info on how to make the patty, I like the possibilities that the book is said to provide with regard to toppings. I love everything on my burger and I can’t wait to discover other things to put in it!

    I guess I am off to find this cookbook.

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