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    Note to chefs: never leave your kitchen unattended, especially if your wife hates you.

    Australian TV chef John Burton Race got the shock of his life the day after he got booted from the show “I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here!” While he was traipsing around the rainforest, his wife (who he was in the process of divorcing) had closed down his Devon restaurant and fired his entire staff. Workers said they were given only 2 days’ notice, and after Sunday lunch time, they had to empty the fridge and throw out all leftovers. Suppliers — who were just as clueless as everyone else — had abandoned orders of paper towels and oil by the doorway.

    The restaurant — Michelin-starred and worth about £1.2 million — was the whole world to John Burton Race. Workers tried to call him but the production company said they couldn’t get in touch with him. “I am annoyed because I have just lost my job overnight and I do not understand why,” said one waiter. Others who stayed in staff accomodations also lost their homes.

    Well he’s not the only one left dazed and confused. Calls from irate workers were what woke him up his first morning back in the “real world”. Of course, that’s what he gets for dumping his wife so unceremoniously.

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