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    Jamie Oliver shares his best holiday tips in his personal blog. An excerpt:

    1. For 2 or 3 days over the festive period, lose the clutter from the kitchen – that means moving the kettle, condiments, old serving urn your Gran gave you, out of the kitchen to give you space.

    2. Order your turkey at least 3 weeks before Christmas day – to ensure you get the best available.

    3. Next time you do a bucks fizz, try using clementine juice with champagne or Prosecco (Italian bubbly). Delicious!

    4. Indigestion tablets – don’t forget them!

    5. To give you some more space in the fridge, take out all the water, alcohol, juices and prepared veg and put them outside….well it is cold outside!

    6. Count up all your crockery and cutlery before you start, just in case you are a few short.

    7. A week before Christmas, get all the heavy stuff bought and packed away – things like water, beers, fruit, veg, more beers – this means you are not lugging heavy things around at the last minute.

    We have a tip for you too, Jamie: most of all: don’t make fun of the names of your friends’ kids!

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