This is so cute — a celebrity chef Barbie!.

Now all it needs is book endorsements and a show on the Food Network and it’s the real thing!

tv history

Check out this interesting directory of shows about chefs that ever aired on mass TV.

You’ll find little-known shows like the now-defunct 90’s drama “Chef!” to every possible permutation of a kitchen reality show that the human mind can conjure.

If anything it proves that our “taste” for celebrity chef shows is growing…and sometimes, veers towards the bizarre.


Check this article on the celebrity chefs who topped Forbes’ list.

Now that’s what we call a recipe for success.

antonin careme

Who was the world’s first celebrity chef? Long before Julia Child and Wolfgang Puck, there was Antonin Careme, who lived in the 19th century. Check out this article on his life, his impact on the culinary world, and even a recipe.


Don’t use the word ‘chef’ lightly.

The word chef translates as “head person” or “chief.” The French term marmiton is often used to describe a person without formal training who is superior compared to average home cooks.

iron chef trivia

Are you an Iron Chef fan? Check out this Iron Chef episode by episode trivia list!

chefs hat

Celebrity chefs are often photographed proudly wearing their chef’s hat. It’s like a policeman’s badge or a soldier’s stripes. But why do they need that hat anyway? It’s not like they’ll get get caught in the rain. Read the history of the chef;s hat.

gordon ramsay

Did you know that Gordon Ramsey’s shows actually sparked a political debate and senate inquiry in Australia?

Apparently his foul language got the attention of the Australian senate, who actually conducted an inquiry. Some fun facts: Ramsay used his favorite swear word 80 times in a 40 minute show.

Nevertheless, Ramsay still got the last word — read about the Senate’s eventual decision, and why.


Read this satirical blog post on celebrity chef predictions for 2008. Obviously he doesn’t care much for chefs — but he’s hilarious!

Take this Celebrity Kitchen quiz we found on

The contest showcases stills from the celebrity chef TV shows — with the person “erased.” If you know your chefs, you should be able to name them from the background alone.