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Italian food has managed to take worm its way into the hearts of foodies all over the world. Each country may have their own food specialties, but no matter where you go, you can be sure to find at least a few good Italian restaurants where even the locals would gladly go to and forgo their usual favorite regional fares.

The Philippines is no exception to this, with plenty of Italian restaurants and eateries to be found in Metro Manila. From fast food style joints serving watered-down “Italian cuisine” to small little heard of authentic Italian ristorantes, a trip to Manila will surely not leave you wanting if it's Italian food you're craving.

If its to the mall you're headed and don't feel like stepping out into the heat just to get a slice of pizza, you can look for the usual Italian restaurant chains like Italianni's, A Venetto Pizzeria, The Old Spaghetti House, Don Henrico's, Amici, and Joey Pepperoni. Just make sure that your expectations are realistic before entering these joints since they are not known for serving the most authentic Italian cuisine in the city. As for price range, the list above starts from most expensive to most affordable.

<a href="

how can i get my ex girlfriend back”>Stepping out of the mall to look for the better Italian restaurants Manila has to offer is definitely worth if it's good food you're looking for. Some of the go to places in the city include Aria Cucina

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Italiana in Bonifacio High Street

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(those who have dined in the original restaurant in Boracay will surely love to visit this branch), Casa Nostra in Pasong Tamo (not to be confused with the now closed Cosa Nostra in Malate), and Chef Massimo Veronesi's Va Bene Pasta Deli in Makati, and the L'Incontro Ristorante Italiano (also) in Makati City.

There are lots of other good Italian restaurants in the city, but make sure that you do your research before hazarding a visit to one because with all the good places you can dine, the last thing you want is to waste a meal in some watered down hole where they serve sweet spaghetti and soggy pizza.

Images via It is Still My Little Space and Casa Nostra


I am lucky to be among those whose cialis passions in life happen to complement each other perfectly – food and travel.

To be honest, I do not know which I love more, since each trip is an opportunity to taste something new and delectable, and each food destination an excuse to set out and experience new things. Which is which doesn't really matter though, because in the end each new adventure allows me to indulge myself.

Thailand is one of the places that I decided to visit mostly because of the food. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the friendly people, which the country boasts as being one of their most precious attraction, but the truth was that I was more interested in strolling up and down alleys looking for the street food that celebrated chefs like Anthony Bourdain (Yes, No Reservations got me excited about Thailand) and David Thompson raved about. True enough, their excellent palates did not disappoint.

If you do decide to go to Thailand to get a taste of authentic Thai street food, I would say th

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at my list of must try food would include anything with noodles. The Thai have perfected the art of cooking noodles

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and the top two I tried there during my trip include the omelet-topped pad Thai and the egg noodle soup called ba mee nam. You should also try the popular traditional salad called the som tam (Don't order if you can't take spicy!!!). The som tam is a spicy salad made with shredded unripe papaya, and as with most things Thai is really fragrant due to the basil.

Of course, being on a limited 3-day trip, I'm sure I wasn't able to try a lot of excellent dishes.When I go back, and indeed I am, I'm definitely staying much longer. Looking forward to sampling more food and maybe even go to see Ayuthaya.

About the guest author:

June is a foodie and freelance travel writer who has spent the last 5 years pursuing her two loves. She plans of going back to Thailand where she will study at a Thai language school, with the intent of spending the rest of her free time roaming around and seeing and tasting more of Thailand.

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annabel karmel.jpg

There is nothing as important as feeding our children. Yet food for kids isn’t exactly something that you see on TV everyday. In fact there are only a few people writing about it.

Enter Annabel Karmel. She is a household name in the UK. She is an inspirig person. She is not just a cook, she is also a mother which is why each of her recipes have been carefully tested against the best possible guage: her own kids.

Annabel Karmel studied at the Cordon Bleu school. It was the loss of her first child, Natasha, that she began to write. She believes that the one element that any parent can control that will help determine their health is what they eat. She began to create recipes that her son would enjoy eating yet still meet his dietary needs. The result: her first published book in 1991 titled The Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner.

By no means though is she a homely, matronly looking mom. She may have 3 kids but she has kept physically active. She is a fun person who enjoys skiing, tennis and roller blading. She is also a musician and singer. In fact she has performed with Liberace, Denis Waterman, Queen Elizabeth and Boy George. The instrument she has performed on is the harp, though she also plays violin. She has also had a recording career.

To date she has several books under her belt. Her recipes are all kid friendly and are fun to make. If you have a fussy eater, try some of her recipes.

She has also been seen on TV as the Foodie Godmother on the Richard and Judy Show, BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen and BBC2’s Working Lunch.

Food and wine festivals are always worth writing about – who wouldn’t want to go to one? If you are in the Malibu area, or you plan on going there in the next several weeks, then you ought to know that the 4th Annual Malibu Calabasas Food and Wine Festival is going to be held on the 19th of June.

It has been described as the celebration of food, wine, and all things Southern Californian! If that isn’t enticing, then I don’t know what is. The location of the festival itself is something worth visiting – the very beautiful Calabasas. Of course, there are activities that will entice anyone who is even slightly into food.

Live cooking demos by celebrity chefs are the highlights of the festival. This year, some really popular names are going to grace the festival: Joachim Splichal, TV Chef Tommy Tang and world champion Chef Frania Mendivil.

Aside from the celebrity chefs, other entities will be participating in the food and wine festival. How does more than a hundred wineries and breweries coming together sound? Various food and wine vendors will also showcase their wares on the said date.

So, from 2 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening on June 19, make sure to drop by Calabasas Inn 23500 Park Sorrento Calabasas, CA 91302 for a one of a kind foodie experience. Visit the official web site of the 4th Annual Malibu Calabasas Food and Wine Festival for ticketing information.

jamies_italian_250x300Jamie Oliver has gone a long way, and is now one of the most popular celebrity chefs all over the world. He is not one to sit on his laurels, though. Although he has had much success with regards to cookbooks and TV shows, he wants to expand his reach. The news is that he is going to Asia to introduce his line of Italian restaurants. He will be starting in Hong Kong.

Jamie is no stranger to the restaurant business. He has, in fact, a chain of restaurants well established in the UK. Hong Kong and Singapore are the target countries, with six restaurants in total. Dubbed Jamie’s Italian, the restaurant line’s strength is in its quality of food and fair prices. In fact, the press release for the line says “At Jamie’s restaurants, you will often find a blue-collar worker, a student, and the chairman of a blue-chip company side by side having a meal.”

I am not sure about what is “fair,” though. From what I hear, you would have to shell out about HK$300 for an average 3-course meal. That is not something that a blue-collar worker or a student can pay (unless he’s got rich parents)! What do you think – would you pay this much for a meal at Jamie’s Italian?

In any case, the restaurants are not going to be ready for business till next year. If you really want to eat at Jamie’s Italian, I guess you better start saving now.



Born on March 29, 1964, Ming Tsai was never a stranger to great food. His family owned a restaurant called the Mandarin Kitchen in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Ming Tsai worked alongside his parents gaining valuable experience.

Ming Tsai has a degree in mechanical engineering from Yale. He also holds a masters degree from Cornell University where he studied Hotel Administration and Hospitality Marketing. He studied under renowned Pastry Chef Pierre Herme in Paris and he later studied with Sushi Master Kobayashi in Osaka between earning his two degrees.

Ming Tsai had been exposed to East West cooking when he was in Paris. He gained more exposure to it when he worked at Silks, the Mandarin Oriental San Francisco’s east west restaurant, as a sous chef. Later he moved to Palo Alto, California where he served as the executive chef of the Ginger Club before moving again. This time he moved to Santa Fe to serve as executive chef of the Santacafe where he was honored as best chef.

Ming Tsai and his wife Polly now own their own restaurant, the Blue Ginger in Wellesley Massachusetts. It has earned many awards including three stars from the Boston Globe and Ming Tsai was honored 2002 Best Chef Northeast by the James Beard Foundation.

Ming Tsai has written three cookbooks. Blue Ginger East Meets West Cooking with Ming Tsai made it to the Food and Wine Magazine top 25 best cookbooks of 1999. His second book Simply Ming was published in 2003 and his third book Ming’s Master Recipes was released in 2004.

Ming Tsai first appeared on TV via the Food Network where he hosted the show East Meets West. The show won him an Emmy in 1998. Currently he hosts and produces the TV cooking show Simply Ming which was awarded the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award in 2005. You can also watch him on his other show, Ming’s Quest.

Ming Tsai is also a founding member of Chefs for Humanity, a charity organization created in response to the needs of those devastated by the tsunami in 2005. They organize fund raising and relief activities for those in need around the world.


Several celebrity chefs have promised to attend the National Restaurant Association’s food show. The event will be held from May 17-20 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Guests include Mario Batali, Rick Bayless (Mexican cookbook author), Charlie Ayers , Grady Spears, Gale Gand, Rick Tramonto, Govind Armstrong, Craig Priebe, Pino Luongo and Mark Strausman.


You’ve seen these celebrity chefs on TV — but true fans should also make a trip to the resaurants.

If you’re in London, visit these restaurants, all owned and run by some of UK’s most popular celebrity chefs. At the very least, you know you’ll be served something more unique than fish and chips.

One area that is very important when you are a regular traveler is the food area of any airport. You sometimes have a lot of time to kill between flights and you may want to grab a bite to eat while you wait. Thankfully, gone are the days when you would have to make do with just greasy food or the vendo machine.

If you are flying out from the T.F. Greenstate Airport in Rhode Island, you will get to enjoy the food made by Wolfgang Puck. Opening in October, the Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express is an open-air style cafe. The menu includes the chef’s famous pizzas, soups and salads for traveler‘s enjoyment. Yummy!

The time may not go any faster (this is definitely beyond Chef Puck’s abilities) but thanks to his creativeness and dedication to quality, the waiting will definitely be a lot tastier. You may not even notice the time because the food is sure to be good.

It is an honor for any establishment to be granted a Michelin star. Earning Michelin Stars is like winning the Oscars or A Golden Globe for the professional cooking world and restaurants. Gordon Ramsey must be proud that two more of his establishments have been added to the book and awarded Michelin Stars.

Petrus is run by Gordon Ramsay’s protege, Marcus Wareing. It is one of only two restaurants to gain the honor of being added to the 2007 edition with two Michelin Stars. La Noisette, the newest of Ramsay’s restaurant is one of only thirteen to be given a Michelin Star this year.

There are only three restaurants in the country to have been given three Michelin Stars – the most coveted prize. One of these restaurants is Gordon Ramsay’s eponymous restaurant. Ramsay has 5 more restaurants with One Michelin Star each.

Gordon Ramsay must be well pleased with how his year is shaping up.