Crisp leaves and cool Autumn nights are markers letting us know that football season is finally here. Many football fans and tailgaters have been counting down the days until the first kickoff. However, it is important to prepare for tailgating season. So before you fire up the grills, purchase the charcoal, and put the drinks on ice- prevent unnecessary food penalties or turnovers during the tailgate party by organizing your tailgating ideas well before the cleats hit the turf.

Over the years, tailgating has evolved into a tradition that many people enjoy. Even if football isn’t your cup of tea, tailgating allows even the most reluctant fan to enjoy sitting through endless first downs and conversions. Borrow tailgating ideas from chefs and other fans to create the best combination of jerseys and food.

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If you find yourself spending a Friday or Saturday afternoon focused on the grill, rather than the pigskin, try these tailgating ideas to score with the crowd:

Keep it simple. Prepare as much of the food as you can before the game, so you can enjoy tailgating. Slice tomatoes, thread kabobs, or whip together a simple salad the night before. Avoid complicated dishes or desserts, look for appetizing summer dishes.

Keep things the right temperature. Pack plenty of ice and make sure refrigerated items are stored properly. You don’t want a game’s victory to be overturned with a bout of food poisoning.

Bring enough drinks and include nonalcoholic drinks. Game days can be brutally cold or stifling hot. Either way, you will need to stay hydrated to prevent sitting out on the sidelines.

Let your grill do the work. Choose meals and sides that can be left on the grill while you cheer on the team. Grill potatoes, corn, mushrooms, peppers, pizzas, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Incorporate the team’s colors. This is a simple tailgating idea, but buy colored plates and cups that support the team. Try colored foods, like colored popcorn to add a little pizzazz to your curbside party. Get creative and have fun!

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Do you have any great recipes or ideas to win at tailgating?

Chefs are the people behind unique and delicious cuisine served in world class restaurants and hotels. Many of these popular chefs have become instant celebrities particularly those who host reality cooking shows on TV.

Unknown to some people, though, some of them have also added blogging into their skills. Not surprising at all because with a free tool such as the blog platforms, it is easy for people today to go online and share their knowledge and opinions with the rest of the world. Through their blogs, foodies and other followers are also able to learn about their new concoctions, analyse food, ingredients, cooking techniques and aesthetics.

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In order to remain healthy, humans need to eat well, get enough rest and drink plenty of water. But if your water contains arsenic, harmful bacteria or traces of pharmaceuticals, it’s not exactly enticing.

If the state of your tap water is cause for concern, read on to learn what options you have for cleaner, better-tasting water.  Continue reading »

When we hear the word high-tech, we often think about something advanced, futuristic and one that makes life so much easier. Many people equate high tech with robots that can do so many things in just a simple touch of a remote control button.


In the home, the kitchen is one area where more advanced appliances and gadgets can be used. In terms of appearance, a homeowner can create a high-tech look as well using stainless steel. This particular material can be used not only in the cookware but even in creating the counter tops, cabinets, wine racks and workbenches.

Other than the overall theme of your kitchen area, the appliances you put there can also contribute to that advanced look. Those you can get made from stainless steel are the gas range, refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, the grill, smoking gun, tea maker and digital nutritional scale. Beyond their material, however, you also need to look for that high-tech functions they can do.

There’s a refrigerator today with a built in LCD screen. The display is where you can leave notes to family members or show photos and there are even some that come with apps to help you in certain kitchen tasks.

There’s also an oven that is capable of refrigerating your food while you’re still not ready to cook it. It can be switched on remotely using the internet, cell phone or telephone or using its touch screen controls. How cool is that?

Another cool kitchen tool is this latest microwave with a bar scanner and a database of some 4,000 items. It works by scanning the bar code of your food product and then automatically programs the cooking time and power level.

For some reason, this silver look has always been associated with the future. Perhaps because of those robots that are made of steel and those half-human, half-robot characters such as the Terminator we’ve seen in the movies.

Finally, if you don’t want separate appliances, the answer is the all-in-one type. In today’s high-tech world, there’s already such a thing as this – one that combines a fridge, oven, stove and dishwasher and it is called the eco green system kitchen.

Photo via thehightechsociety

small kitchen
Many homes in the city center such as apartments, flats and condos have limited space. This being the case, their kitchens are also smaller. Normally, they can just fit in a gas range with oven, an overhead cabinet and a small counter that can accommodate a coffee maker, a toaster and a few smaller kitchen appliances.

Smaller kitchens have an advantage in that you don’t need to walk around to get what you want. With just one turn, you can already do your tasks from preparing your ingredients, cooking your food to making your coffee.

The downside is it can become a dark corner or what some real estate experts and home designers call as a bat cave. But this does not have to be so if you know how to brighten up the space.

Installing the proper light fixtures is the best solution to this kitchen woe. There are several ways you can do this and you can even do it on your own without the help of an electrician.
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It’s a brand new year and by now, many of you are for sure engrossed in a weight loss regimen to take off the extra pounds gained during the holiday season. So for the health buffs who want to be in tip-top shape as well as for those who want to start a healthy lifestyle, read up because we have some great news on what foods including veggies will be in for this year.
Carrots is predicted to hog the limelight this 2013. According to Good Housekeeping, it’s the star now of menus in some of New York City’s most expensive restaurants. It’s being served as tartare and roasted mixed with yogurt. Kids’ menus will also be including more veggies and fruits this time to help them veer away from the usual pizza, nuggets and pasta.

The juice is expected to be as popular focusing more on fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. To take advantage of this healthy drink, though, forget about those ready to drink juices at the grocery stores. Best to do your own at home using the juicers. Any type of juicer will do as long as it helps you extract the liquid from your fruits and veggies.
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Olive oil is fat in the real sense of the word. But the fat that it contains is the monounsaturated fatty acid or MUFA considered to be the healthy type.

There are several health benefits to be gained from olive oil consumption. Firstly, it lowers the risk of heart disease together with the polyunsaturated fat. It is able to do this by cutting total cholesterol levels. Some studies have found that MUFAs also control insulin and blood sugar levels.

Olive oil can be a good alternative to your butter or stick margarine. Do remember it’s never appropriate to use them together.

When shopping for this item, pick the one that is less processed as it still contains the nutrients. The extra virgin oil, which is more expensive, goes through the first pressing only and therefore, retains the most flavor. The cold pressed ones and virgin oil are okay as well as they are not heated up beyond room temperature. What you should avoid are the regular or pure olive oil which normally undergoes refining and filtering. Generally, they have lower nutrients.
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A lot of people are so passionate about cooking. Even those who don’t have a formal education in culinary studies are so into it.

You may have observed the aspiring chefs in the various cooking challenges on television. They come from different backgrounds and professions. There were writers, engineers and office employees who joined in the hope of getting the attention of top celebrity chefs and restaurateurs as well as improving their culinary skills.

The good news now is that you don’t have to take part in a reality cooking show on TV to be able to personally experience using state of the art kitchen gadgets and appliances. There are high-tech kitchen tools including software apps available these days that you can invest in and use to help you in creating your most loved dishes, celebrity style regardless of the occasion.

Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount – What this tool does is allow you to use your tablet safely without taking up much space and risking your device to get wet or stained by food you’re preparing. So you can look at recipes or watch videos first before you do the cooking. Another type is the Belkin Chef stand with stylus for the same purpose.
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Crispy. Crunchy. Tasty. Best eaten with hands. What else could this be but the all-time favorite fried chicken.

The month of July is significant in the U.S. It’s during this month when the country marks the National Fried Chicken Day specifically every 6th of July.

The first fried chicken in the U.S. was created in the countryside in the south. It was prepared in a straightforward manner — soaked in buttermilk then seasoned with flour by shaking the chicken in a brown paper bag and then fried in a cast-iron skillet. History has it that the oldest recipe for this popular food written by Mary Randolph dates back to 1928 and published in The Virginia House-Wife.

Today, there are numerous variations of the fried chicken. The difference is in the way they are prepared from seasoning to marinating.

Marinating the chicken in your preferred spices and seasoning is a must if you want to make it tasty. Letting it stay in the marinade overnight is strongly recommended. This way, the flavors can really get into the chicken.

If you want it well-done and juicy on the inside, you can also boil the chicken first then marinate it afterwards.

To achieve that crisp, there are various steps that you can take. One way is to dredge it directly in flour or cornstarch. You can do it once but to create a thick crust, you need to double dredge. By doing the double dredge, you can be sure that your fried chicken stays crunchy even if it won’t be eaten right away.

Another way is to dip it first in beaten egg before dredging it in flour. The goal here is to make the flour stick well to the chicken and the egg does this job well.

Photo by easychickenrecipee

Being a celebrity chef may seem like a glamorous job, and in a way it is. After all who's to deny that there's glitz and glamour associated with a job where cameras focus on you and you get to rub elbows with the rich and famous.

If you're as addicted to cooking shows as I am though, be it the good old Emeril shows or the crazy reality cooking shows, then you have probably observed the other side of the job of these celebrity chefs – the hard work.

One thing I have come to admire about my favorite celebrity chefs has absolutely nothing to do with their sophisticated palates or sumptuous creations that always leave

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me looking woefully at whatever's on my plate. Instead, I have come to admire their work ethics, which I have come to realize contributed as much (if not more) to their success as their talents.  It is clear from the way their roll up their sleeves (both figuratively and literally) that their skill did not come by accident. They worked hard to get where they are. They worked hard to

aquaponics system not cycling

polish not just their cooking skills, but also their management  (Poor management skills is often the reason why restaurants of even really good chefs fail!) and networking skills.

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In my mind though I believe that their willingness to give their all to their craft comes from their sense of purpose. They know that cooking is their passion and this gives them a sense of purpose, which is to pursue what they love. So while I truly enjoy watching these celebrity chefs for their entertainment value and for the recipe I end up trying in the kitchen sometimes (When there's one easy enough for me), I value even more the way they inspire me to live a life cialis online of purpose and the reminder to work hard on what we know is worth it.

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