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Italian food has managed to take worm its way into the hearts of foodies all over the world. Each country may have their own food specialties, but no matter where you go, you can be sure to find at least a few good Italian restaurants where even the locals would gladly go to and forgo their usual favorite regional fares.

The Philippines is no exception to this, with plenty of Italian restaurants and eateries to be found in Metro Manila. From fast food style joints serving watered-down “Italian cuisine” to small little heard of authentic Italian ristorantes, a trip to Manila will surely not leave you wanting if it's Italian food you're craving.

If its to the mall you're headed and don't feel like stepping out into the heat just to get a slice of pizza, you can look for the usual Italian restaurant chains like Italianni's, A Venetto Pizzeria, The Old Spaghetti House, Don Henrico's, Amici, and Joey Pepperoni. Just make sure that your expectations are realistic before entering these joints since they are not known for serving the most authentic Italian cuisine in the city. As for price range, the list above starts from most expensive to most affordable.

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how can i get my ex girlfriend back”>Stepping out of the mall to look for the better Italian restaurants Manila has to offer is definitely worth if it's good food you're looking for. Some of the go to places in the city include Aria Cucina

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Italiana in Bonifacio High Street

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(those who have dined in the original restaurant in Boracay will surely love to visit this branch), Casa Nostra in Pasong Tamo (not to be confused with the now closed Cosa Nostra in Malate), and Chef Massimo Veronesi's Va Bene Pasta Deli in Makati, and the L'Incontro Ristorante Italiano (also) in Makati City.

There are lots of other good Italian restaurants in the city, but make sure that you do your research before hazarding a visit to one because with all the good places you can dine, the last thing you want is to waste a meal in some watered down hole where they serve sweet spaghetti and soggy pizza.

Images via It is Still My Little Space and Casa Nostra