I am lucky to be among those whose cialis passions in life happen to complement each other perfectly – food and travel.

To be honest, I do not know which I love more, since each trip is an opportunity to taste something new and delectable, and each food destination an excuse to set out and experience new things. Which is which doesn't really matter though, because in the end each new adventure allows me to indulge myself.

Thailand is one of the places that I decided to visit mostly because of the food. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the friendly people, which the country boasts as being one of their most precious attraction, but the truth was that I was more interested in strolling up and down alleys looking for the street food that celebrated chefs like Anthony Bourdain (Yes, No Reservations got me excited about Thailand) and David Thompson raved about. True enough, their excellent palates did not disappoint.

If you do decide to go to Thailand to get a taste of authentic Thai street food, I would say th

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at my list of must try food would include anything with noodles. The Thai have perfected the art of cooking noodles

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and the top two I tried there during my trip include the omelet-topped pad Thai and the egg noodle soup called ba mee nam. You should also try the popular traditional salad called the som tam (Don't order if you can't take spicy!!!). The som tam is a spicy salad made with shredded unripe papaya, and as with most things Thai is really fragrant due to the basil.

Of course, being on a limited 3-day trip, I'm sure I wasn't able to try a lot of excellent dishes.When I go back, and indeed I am, I'm definitely staying much longer. Looking forward to sampling more food and maybe even go to see Ayuthaya.

About the guest author:

June is a foodie and freelance travel writer who has spent the last 5 years pursuing her two loves. She plans of going back to Thailand where she will study at a Thai language school, with the intent of spending the rest of her free time roaming around and seeing and tasting more of Thailand.

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