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gets tired of holidays? Not me, especially if the holiday is all a Learn more here bout food.

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Well yesterday was another foodie dream holiday being the National Chocolate Souffle Day, and though we may be a day late in celebrating the holiday it isn't too late to get yourself a nice airy mouthwatering souffle.

Chocolate Soufflé with Passion Fruit & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

If you fancy making yourself or

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a special someone this sweet treat, here are a few recipes from all over the internet that you can try. Note though that souffles are really not beginner type of recipes easily caving in when not done right.

<a href="http://www.lifestylefoo

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d.com.au/recipes/2115/gordon-ramsays-chocolate-souffle”>Gordon Ramsays chocolate soufflé – This heavenly concoction is straight from his show, the F Word.
Chocolate Souffle with Chocolate Sauce – A kid-friendly recipe whipped up during the 2010 season of Junior MasterChef Australia. Now this, even beginner level cooks may want to try.
Chocolate Soufflé with Passion Fruit & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – A different approach to chocolate souffle from Top Chef Just Desserts Season 1 contestant, Yigit. This is the kind of dessert you would expect from contestants of the show, as something too simple and straightforward will surely get you sent home!
Chocolate Orange Liqueur Souffle with Chocolate Sauce – Chocolate and orange liqueur equals YUM! This recipe is from renowned chef Paula Deen, which can only mean that this one's a home run as long as you execute it correctly.

Image via Bravo


Whoever said that a government job always need be boring?

Justin Timineri, Florida's state chef, the only state chef in the entire United States is proof otherwise. As Chef Timineri himself said, “I have

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the best job in all of state government.”

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I agree.

His job as state chef after all does not entail cooking in a grimy hot kitchen in preparation for the massive influx of hungry employees during lunch hour, but instead is tasked to travel around Florida showing locals how to incorporate fresh produce and seafood into their regular meals. More importantly, he does with a realistic budget in mind. In

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fact, he specifically creates healthy menus with people who are on food stamps in mind; and if that doesn't mean affordable meals, I don't what is.

Aside from getting the locals to eat a bit more healthily, his other important role as state chef is

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to promote Florida's produce and seafood, not just to locals, but all over the world. In fact, he's going to Brussels, Belgium in April to attend the European Seafood Expo to try to get more attention focused on the Florida grouper. And with Florida's second biggest industry being Agriculture, we can be pretty sure he'll be promoting more vegetables and fruits outside Florida soon.

And if you're wondering how much a state chef makes? Chef Timineri is paid $43,000 for doing what he does. Of course, he also probably saves on food, nibbling on his creations. While the pay is not at all that glamorous, you can bet his job is rewarding.

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Photo via Babble