jamies_italian_250x300Jamie Oliver has gone a long way, and is now one of the most popular celebrity chefs all over the world. He is not one to sit on his laurels, though. Although he has had much success with regards to cookbooks and TV shows, he wants to expand his reach. The news is that he is going to Asia to introduce his line of Italian restaurants. He will be starting in Hong Kong.

Jamie is no stranger to the restaurant business. He has, in fact, a chain of restaurants well established in the UK. Hong Kong and Singapore are the target countries, with six restaurants in total. Dubbed Jamie’s Italian, the restaurant line’s strength is in its quality of food and fair prices. In fact, the press release for the line says “At Jamie’s restaurants, you will often find a blue-collar worker, a student, and the chairman of a blue-chip company side by side having a meal.”

I am not sure about what is “fair,” though. From what I hear, you would have to shell out about HK$300 for an average 3-course meal. That is not something that a blue-collar worker or a student can pay (unless he’s got rich parents)! What do you think – would you pay this much for a meal at Jamie’s Italian?

In any case, the restaurants are not going to be ready for business till next year. If you really want to eat at Jamie’s Italian, I guess you better start saving now.


GoldsmithNext time someone approaches you and says they have connections to Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, or any other celebrity chef, think twice. Especially if the person is named Kenneth Goldsmith.

Actually, you do not have to worry much about Goldsmith anytime soon. He has been convicted of his crimes and has been jailed, where he will stay for the next 3 ½ years. Goldsmith hails from Norton Disney, Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. He has conned a lot of people into thinking that he was a trained chef and that he is good friends with renowned celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey. His modus operandi was to convince entrepreneurs to invest in his “business.” Using his supposed connections with the other REAL celebrity chefs, he was able to persuade a lot of people. The result? He was able to live an extravagant lifestyle, which he enjoyed with his girlfriend Kirsty Emmans.

Naturally, the scam came to light, as most other scams normally do. The couple were caught, tried, and sentenced. In the meantime, the celebrity chefs in question walk away smelling like roses.

I find it quite funny how Goldsmith made up stories about his relationship with the chefs, though. There is this one story about how, when they were much younger, Goldsmith flushed Jamie’s head down the toilet. Now why would anyone want to do that?

And what do Oliver and Ramsay have to say about this? Nothing, I guess. They have not released statements, and perhaps they should just keep it that way.