This is so cute — a celebrity chef Barbie!.

Now all it needs is book endorsements and a show on the Food Network and it’s the real thing!

chef for rent

Did you know that you can hire a celebrity chef for your event? While you’re not likely to get Gordon Ramsay (unless you’re, like, the Queen of England) you can still up your fundraiser’s star factor — and be guaranteed of decent food.


Could Virginia Willis be the next celebrity chef? This article claims she is, listing her achievements (including the book, above) and describing some of her down-to-earth charm.

We’ll see what happens!

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver seems to have a talent for getting into arguments. The celebrity chef caused an uproar when he made a joke about the Holocaust, causing many Germans in the audience to squirm.

Uhm, Jamie — you’re a far better chef than you are a comedian.