Yes, female chefs are breaking the glass ceiling. Find out how they’re penetrating the culinary world (and find links to some of their award-winning recipes).

casey thompson

Remember Casey Thompson, one of the most promising contestants of Top Chef? Get to know more about her in this interview, done right before the chef showdown. She didn’t win, but we hope that she’ll be one of the female chefs to truly penetrate the male-bastion that is the culinary world.

raymond blanc

Chefs aren’t easily impressed, but hands down, many of them agree that Raymond Blanc is one of the best. The man behind Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons has proven his mettle as a restaurateur, hotelier and businessman. He is also one of the key influences in French cuisine and reinvented many of its classic dishes. “I just want to show the beauty of the flavour and texture… even when I peel a carrot, I think how to produce the flavour better,” he says.

His first foray into the kitchen wasn’t automatically successful, though. When he was 17 he tried to impress his mother by making a crêpe suzette. But he used a glass dish instead of a frying man, and ended up blowing up the glass and smearing the kitchen with caramel.

But despite that accident his love for cooking returned when he looked through a restaurant window and saw a chef flambé a sea bass.

From there he climbed up the ladder, starting as a dishwasher, then a waiter, training under chefs and working double time to save for his own restaurant. He opened Les Quat’ Saisons in Oxford when he was 28 years old. He also has his own show, The Restaurant.

jose garces

Get celebrity chef cooking tips from Rick Bayless and Jose Garces here. The two teamed up to make a mean batch of steaks. One gem of insight: “To get more flavor from dried ancho chilies, toast them briefly in a dry skillet until they crackle.” Blended with broth or tomatoes, the ancho’s flavor is better than using commercial chili powder, he said.

food tube

Do you want to be a celebrity chef? Or at least pretend to be one? Have your 30 seconds of fame on Here, you can upload (or watch) videos of people who think they can cook… but then again, how much different is it from what Rachael Ray does?


Antonio Carluccio, an Italian chef who runs a successful restaurant chain and has made a number of television appearances, stabbed himself in the chest with a kitchen knife.

According to the accounts no one knows what really happened, or whether it was an accident or a suicide attempt.


Check out this link for one of Emeril’s recipes — a simple dish of creamed spinach that’s received rave reviews from the foodie community.

Yes, he’s one celebrity chef who can actually cook.

march of dimes

It’s good to see celebrity chefs getting together for a good cause — in this case, raising money for the March of Dimes.

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay’s video game of “Hell’s Kitchen” is due for a release — but the public was shocked at news that it would only be given a PG Rating.

The man swears, throws objects, and is generally called the culinary world’s potty mouth.
But apparently, he’s still tame compared to video games that have you slaughtering ogres and demons.

tal ronnen

Has Oprah not learned from the Rachael Ray fiasco? She is now endorsing vegan chef Tal Ronnen, who is already beginning to reap the wonders of fame judging from this article.