sam talbot

Sam Talbot, season two finalist of Top Chef, is engaged! His fiancee is a model from Colombia. “I’m so in love it’s unreal,” says the hunky chef. Sigh. He’s sexy, he can cook, and he absolutely adores her. She’s so lucky.


Here’s a truly inspiring story about a celebrity chef who beat the odds. Last year, award-winning Chicago chef Grant Achatz was diagnosed with mouth cancer. Doctors said that he may lose his sense of taste. But he took the challenge — going through months of painful therapy and treatment — and in June 2008, was named America’s top chef last night by the James Beard Foundation. “I look at the award as the point of starting over.”

Achatz says that his training to be a chef — including a gruelling apprenticeship at the French Laundry in California’s Napa Valley — helped him face the cancer with unflinching courage. “That dedication that I took in at that restaurant … it became a part of who I am 12 years later and helped me get through a pretty ridiculous battle.”


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rachael ray

If you’re one of those people who hate her, her voice, and “Yum-O!” then sign up for this community. It’s a group of people who absolutely despise her and are happy to join together and vent “everyday with Rachael Ray”.


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Now that’s what we call a recipe for success.


Read this article on Anthony Bourdain, which tracks his career and accomplishments. A short, yet informative read on one of the coolest celebrity chefs on the block.


Poor Antony Worrall Thompson. That poisonous plant incident has him the laughing stock of all the celebrity chefs — but it’s not the first time he’s been under fire.

Delia Smith once said of him, “Antony Worrall Thompson is dreadful, just repulsive. I think that Food And Drink, the show that he is on, is the most disgusting programme on television. I will never, ever know, as long as I live, how the BBC or the general public can tolerate it.”

His response: “She’s the Volvo of cooks.” (Gordon Ramsay agrees: “Here we are trying to establish a reputation across the world for this country’s food and along comes Delia and tips it out of a can. That hurts.”)

Well, so does eating a poisonous plant. Read this for other celebrity chefs word wars

anthony worrall thompson

British celebrity chef Anthony Worrall Thompson had to issue an apology after recommending a poisonous plant as a salad ingredient

In an article in a magazine, instead of recommending weed fat hen, a type of spinach, he suggested henbane, a hallucinatory drug.


richard corrigan

Richard Corrigan, celebrity chef with a Michelin star and several successful restaurants to his name, has begun plans for his latest venture. He is opening a new eatery with local, home grown Irish produce – such as crabs from Kilmore Quay, razor clams from west Cork, lobsters from Louth and fresh fish from Donegal.

rachael ray

Rachael Ray is planning to write a tell-all book on her life, from her struggles with alcohol, to her dysfunctional childhood and the “issues” with men she developed after being mugged.

WIll she really drop her perky exterior and allow fans to see her darker side? it might win over critics… or just give them more ammo to poke fun at her.

She will supposedly get 3 million as an advance for her book.