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The contest showcases stills from the celebrity chef TV shows — with the person “erased.” If you know your chefs, you should be able to name them from the background alone.


Jamie Oliver’s chef Kevin Stralow stole thousands of dollars from his Melbourne restauraunt — then set the place on fire, causing nearly a million dollars in damage. Police now have him in custody.


e Izard became the first woman to win Top Chef, impressing judges with her consistent performance (even if the dessert she made for the finals was disappointing).

“I won Top Chef—holy s–t! This is the biggest thing that has happened in my life. My life’s about to change, it’s going to be absolutely insane.”

Stephanie said that after surviving the pressure and the nerves, the win affirms that “this is what I’m supposed to do with my life.”

Especially when she cooks masterpieces like the lamb with olives, braised pistachios and berries. Yum.


Nigella’s website now welcomes contributions from home chefs — yes, people like you! You can contribute your own recipe, or go through the handy “search by ingredient” function to cook something up from whatever’s in your pantry.

Nigella seems to be affirming that yes, anyone can cook. Too bad not everyone can look as good as she does in an apron!

jamies dinners

A lot of celebrity chefs come out with cookbooks…but how many of the recipes can actually be done by real people (i.e., those among us who don’t have a big kitchen, 150 different kinds of spices, and a set of expensive kitchen knives?)

Jamie Oliver says that anyone can cook the recipes in “Jamie’s Dinners” and even proves it by
posting stories of readers on his website. Check it out. It may just be the perfect Father’s Day gift…and a subtle hint to the man in the house to take over kitchen duty once in a while.


TV celebrity chefs congregated at the James Beard awards, where — among the cocktail chitchat — a group of them started talking about their favorite food movies. Here’s what they said.

Tom Colicchio of Top Chef said he loved the risotto scene in “Big Night” and thought “Like Water for Chocolate” was really sexy. Curtis stone of Take Home Chef liked “Ratatouille” and “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.” Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto liked “Tampopo” while Top Chef runner up Marcel Vigneron found the most realistic food movie to be “Dinner Rush.” He says, “It’s all one night and the food critic comes in, and one of the line cooks has problems with gambling, somebody gets capped in the the restaurant.”


Gordon Ramsay supposedly ate the thumb of one of his contestants in Hell’s Kitchen.


Apparently Matt, 35, accidentally cut off the tip of his thumb while preparing pancetta stuffing for a quail. He ran off to get first aid, leaving his team mates to finish the dish. Unfortunately, they fried the thumb with the rest of the meat.

Gordon Ramsay saw what happened, but said, “Carry on.” Then he tasted it!

female chef

The culinary industry is a male-dominated world, with very few women able to break the glass ceiling and actually become head chef. The organization Women Chef and Entrepreneurs hope to recognize the few (but proud) female pioneers. They recently ran a Celebrating Women Chefs competition. Check out the article — and the recipes they generously shared from the event.

top chef

There’s one thing Top Chef always guarantees — not everyone may know how to cook well, but their personalities are sure to add spice to the show. Glimpse a bit of the fun and craziness in the kitchen with this photo diary.

giada and baby

Giada de Laurentiis is all caught up in the joys of motherhood, gushing about her baby in almost every interview. “She smiled for the first time yesterday!” she said (her daughter is about two months old).

Giada’s also considering developing gourmet baby food. Uhm, how much “gourmet” can pureed carrots be?