judy rogers

Chef Judy Rogers reveals the secret to her famous gnocchi. She is the genius behind the highly popular Zuni restaurant.

eben freeman

Get great tips on making the perfect drink from master bartender Eben Freeman. Great for your fourth of July party.

iron chef trivia

Are you an Iron Chef fan? Check out this Iron Chef episode by episode trivia list!

rocco dispirito
Check out this cool interview with Rocco Dispirito.

Aaah, Rocco. He’s gorgeous, he’s funny, he seems like a nice guy, and he cooks.
Men, take lessons.

chefs hat

Celebrity chefs are often photographed proudly wearing their chef’s hat. It’s like a policeman’s badge or a soldier’s stripes. But why do they need that hat anyway? It’s not like they’ll get get caught in the rain. Read the history of the chef;s hat.

gordon ramsay

Did you know that Gordon Ramsey’s shows actually sparked a political debate and senate inquiry in Australia?

Apparently his foul language got the attention of the Australian senate, who actually conducted an inquiry. Some fun facts: Ramsay used his favorite swear word 80 times in a 40 minute show.

Nevertheless, Ramsay still got the last word — read about the Senate’s eventual decision, and why.

wolfgang puck

Wolfgang Puck accused Wolfgang Steiner of capitalizing on his celebrity chef name. Steiner had set up a place called “WOlfgang’s Steakhouse” minutes away from the world-famous Spago. People think they’re signing up for Puck’s porkchops, but then get served “pedestrian” fare. The judge ruled against Puck.


Read this satirical blog post on celebrity chef predictions for 2008. Obviously he doesn’t care much for chefs — but he’s hilarious!

stephanie izard

Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard gets put on the hot plate as she’s asked about her crush on the show, the hottest celebrity chef, and the most embarassing thing in her pantry.


Where do thse celebrity chefs find the time? Some of them, aside from TV shows and judging for an assortment of reality shows, actually keep up a blog. Well, some better than others. Check out this review of celebrity chef blogs.

We give our thumbs up to John-Georges Vongerichten for surprise hit.