Celebrity chefs are more popular than athletes, says this very informal (but strangely accurate) survey


Several celebrity chefs have promised to attend the National Restaurant Association’s food show. The event will be held from May 17-20 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Guests include Mario Batali, Rick Bayless (Mexican cookbook author), Charlie Ayers , Grady Spears, Gale Gand, Rick Tramonto, Govind Armstrong, Craig Priebe, Pino Luongo and Mark Strausman.


Do you know that Thailand’s prime minister is a celebrity chef? (Well you know what they say, he who rules the kitchen rules the home — or homeland.) Which of our celebrity chefs would make a good president? Check this link for an interesting shortlist.


Celebrity chefs like Delia Smith share their favorite kitchen tips, from how to cut onions without crying, or boil eggs without cracking. All are remarkably easy to follow — and best of all, come with a scientific explanation on why it works.


Do you have what it takes to be a celebrity chef? Even if you can’t cook a souffle to save your life, you’ll have fun testing your kitchen knowhow in Celebrity Chef the Game

Tasks include running a restaurant, getting a TV contract, securing endorsements and book deals, and vying for awards.


Fans of celebrity chefs should get a copy of The Soul of a Chef by Ruhlman.

The book looks at a chef’s struggle for perfection, from an insider’s look at the Certified Master Chef exam at the Culinary Institute of America, to a play-by-play description of their kitchen dramas.


Do you love watching Top Chef? Do you know every contestant, and recite the winning menus of every finalist? Then take this quiz and prove that you’re the Top Fan of Top Chef.


Play the Petrol Heads celebrity chef game! Match the chef to their car. So very funny!


Bobby Flay is launching a new show — and he’s taking viewer participation to a new level. With
“Grill It! with bobby Flay” people can post videos and then join the celebrity chef, who’ll share recipes and tips. The show will air in July, the start of barbecue season.


Many consider Martha Stewart to be a celebrity chef. While she has no formal training, her philosophy of simple yet delicious meals and beautiful presentation has changed the way many people see home cooking.

Though Martha does cook once in a while, many days she relies on the creations of her chef Pierre, and even shares some of his recipes in her blog.

It’s hard for a chef to please another chef — especially one with as high standards as Martha Stewart. So his recipes are worth a try!