Hung Huynh, who was the winner of Top Chef’s third season, has accepted a one month contract as executive chef of Solo Restaurant (New York).

We wonder how he’ll add his unique Asian touch to the Solo’s Meditteranean menu.


The Perfectionist: Life and Death in Haute Cuisine tackles a well-known case of a three-star French chef commiting suicide in 2003, just after finishing the daily lunch service.

This elegy to Bernard Loiseau of La Cote d’Or was capably written by food journalist Chelminski. It chronicles Loiseau’s total lack of social skills, his bipolar personality, and his obsession with the Michelin Red Guide. It also talks about the intense competition and politics in the culinary world.


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Michael Rulman’s book The Reach of a Chef is an interesting commentary on the rise of the “celebrity chef.” He talks about how the industry has changed since the chef became a brand, and cooking has become as much about “entertainment value” and “celebrity pull” as it is about flavor.

Ruhlman also discusses how the great celebrity chefs — including Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and Anthony Bourdain — are so successful that they no longer have time to do what has made them successful in the first place.

The book also includes profiles some of the biggest influences on American cooking.


Talk about chefs on the go!

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If you’re a fan of celebrity chef Robin Miller, you can preorder her new book, Robin to the Rescue.

One of the most popular celebrity chefs of the Food Network, Robin Miller specializes in quick and easy meals. In fact, her book organizes the recipes by main ingredient, so busy cooks can quickly find a dish based on what they have in the fridge. There are also tips on how to prepare big batches ahead of time, or transform leftovers into a “new” dish.


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Swedish Chef

Before Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay, there was… the Swedish chef!

Okay, so you can’t exactly learn how to make a souffle, but he’ll make you laugh. And sometimes laughter is the best appetizer you can have — especially on a Monday.


Mario Batali talks about the “Risotto Incident” –an anecdote from his apprenticeship with Marco Pierre White.

No wonder chefs habe more heart attacks than any other professional.