This is what Gordon Ramsay had to say after reading a press release that a Scotland hotel was making a deep fried sandwich of Nutella.

“I’m horrified. I mean, Christ! Seventy-five per cent of my staff are French. They look at me like I’m some sort of twat that my Scottish brothers are launching two slices of bread with a fucking inch of Nutella between them, battered and deep fat fried.

“Now what the fuck is this country coming to? What are we doing to ourselves? That has to be abolished. Here we are, progressing tenfold, buying the right bread, real croissants, we’re making fresh muesli and we understand what a great cup of coffee is. And then some idiot brings out a deep-fried chocolate sandwich.

“I want to find the bastard that put that idea together. I’ve got the most amazing charcoal grill in my new kitchen. I’m going to sit his butt on it and criss-cross my name on his bloody arse cheeks to remind him. Every time he wakes up in the morning he can gawp at his arse.

“Is he fucking stupid? When these things hit France, the French just have a field day laughing at us. So I’m looking for that scumbag. I’m going to fucking grill his arse. Brand him with a hot iron like a little calf or a lamb. I’m going to put Ramsayfied on his butt, so every time he wakes up in the morning, he thinks ‘Fuck! I shouldn’t have done that!”


Which chefs are most respected by members of their industry? The site Chef2Chef invites culinary students and professionals to vote for their favorite chefs. The top 5 are:

1. Jamie Oliver
2. Christian J. Fischer
3. Bobby Flay
4. John E. Clark
5. Bobo Bergstrom

Strange list. Where is Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay? Do you agree with the list?


Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s TV documentary on the differences between standard and free-range chickens have caused a crisis in the chicken industry, reports the Times.

Supermarket sales of “regular” birds have dipped. Some big supermarkets like Sainsbury’s are even thinking of phasing them out completely and selling only those raised by the standard RSPCA’s Freedom Food rules by 2010. Morrisons will also be increasing it’s “Freedom Food” range, following the steps of chains like Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

Poultry farmers have called a meeting at the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) headquarters and will be launching an ad campaign. Many of them can’t afford to follow the conditions set by the Freedom Food rules — and definitely not without increasing their prices.


Jamie Oliver had to apologize to British supermarket chain Sainsbury (and all its 150,000 staff) for supposedly ignoring his invite to appear on his documentary, Jamie’s Fowl Dinners.

The show released findings that 95% of chickens and about two thirds of eggs are bred in conditions that affect their welfare and the quality of the produce.

Olivers had invited 3 supermarkets to take part of the documentary, and was “really upset” when they didn’t show up for the filming. “Why didn’t they come? What is there to hide? It is shocking that the people I work for did not turn up on the day. I do not know why. How dare they not?”

Not a nice way to treat a company he endorses (to the fine tune of 1.2 million pounds or$2.35 million).

That got the president of the chain to call Oliver, who later wrote an open letter to the employees, praising them for their stance. “Indeed I would not have continued working with Sainsbury’s for so many years if I did not believe that you were showing real leadership,” his letter said.

Uhm, what happened?

Nobody’s talking, but the president has said that the letter was Oliver’s idea. “When he says things about Sainsbury’s people believe it is what he really thinks.” At the same time, the chain released several ads that reiterated its pro-animal welfare stance.

gourmet burgerCelebrity chefs can turn anything into a gourmet meal — even the lowly burger.
Of course, it comes with a gourmet price tag. The $5,000burger is made of Kobe beef, foie gras and black truffles, and served with a 1990 bottle of Chateau Petrus. (Or you can skip the wine and order the champagne cocktails with 24K gold flakes.)

Gee, wonder what kind of toy they give away with that? A diamond?


Charlie Trotter, a well-respected chef with a five-star restaurant and a plethora of cookbooks to his name, has taken on his biggest challenge yet: revitalizing airline food.

He’s been hired by United Airlines to prepare their premium menu, a trend that’s sweeping the industry. Delta Airlines has tapped Todd English and Michelle Bernstein.

Trotter’s trained flight attendants to put together crème fraîche, citrus-cured salmon, capers and red onions, toast point, caviar. “It’s easy — boom, boom, boom!” he said.

sneaky-chef.jpgJerry Seinfeld’s wife, who released the book “Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food” will have to defend her rights (and honor) in court.

Chase Lapine, author of “The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals” brought a lawsuit for copyright and trademark infringement to U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

Both Lapine and Seinfeld have been very vocal about their, uhm, differences — but after Jerry called her a crazywoman in an interview, she decided to take it to courts. Her reason? “He may be a public figure, but he has no right to slander, and his wife has no right to plagiarize.”

Seinfeld’s lawyer, on the other hand, accuses Lapine of making everything up just to boost her book sales.

anthony bourdain

Check out Anthony Bourdain’s candid interview with TV Guide where he talks about the upcoming season of No Reservations, his fight with Rachael Ray and other celebrity chefs, and his recent life change.


Jamie Oliver and Mario Batali go into culinary kung fu in the January 6 episode of Iron Chef America Find out what time it’s showing in your region .


As of 2007, several chefs can count themselves as multi-millionaires — their empire based on their restaurants, cookbook sales, and their TV performances. Check out this list:

In Europe:

1. Gordon Ramsay, £ 67m ($126m)
2. Jamie Oliver, £ 38m($71m)
3. Rick Stein, £ 36m ($67m)
4. Delia Smith, £ 25m ($47m)
5. Anthony Worrall Thompson, £ 21m ($39m)
6. Marco Pierre White, £ 10m ($18m). The only chef on the list who doesn’t have a TV show.
7. Gary Rhodes, £ 8m ($15m)
8. Raymond Blanc, £ 7m ($13m)
9. Nigella Lawson, £ 3m ($5.6m). Interestingly, she is the only chef who doesn’t have a restaurant.
10. Heston Blumenthal, £ 2m ($3.7m)

Forbes annual list ranked the American chefs.

1. Wolfgang Puck, $16m (No. 89)
2. Emeril Lagasse, $10m (No. 94)
3. Rachael Ray $6m (No. 81)
4. Mario Batali $5m (No. 98)

It is pretty curious how European chefs do better than Americans. Wolfgang Puck is practically an institution, and after all those Hollywood celebs backing him up, you’d think he’d have a bigger bank account. Also, Gordon Ramsey — who’s lambasted celebritydom — has certainly no qualms about his immense fortune, built not just from his restaurants, but 2 reality TV shows, cookbook, and a tell-all biography.