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Many adults don’t want their kids in the kitchen. They are afraid that the kids will get hurt. They might burn themselves or cut themselves while working on a dish. Parents have a 101 fears about what could happen to their kids and they often see the kitchen as an accident prone area.

What many parents often don’t realize is that kids want to be in the kitchen, helping to make the meals. They love being legally messy – as most dishes can be. They enjoy getting to taste everything first and putting their hands in things. Best of all, they enjoy being with you and experienceing the joy of watching the family relish their cooking.

Get your kid started on making great meals from your kitchen. Make it a family affair. Use recipes from cookbooks like Emeril Lagasse’s “There’s A Chef In My Soup!” There’s A Chef In My Family!” or There’s A Chef In My World!” and you may be amazed at how well your kids do, how delicious the food is and how easy it was to make.