Taking his cue from the family business Chef Cesare Casella enrolled at the Culinary Institute Ferdinando at the age of fourteen. After graduation, he applied his knowledge to their family restaurant which eventually became a famous regional destination spot. After some time, all of Chef Casella’s work had paid dividends, attracting various personalities who have acknowledged his fascinating dishes that have become a signature trademark for him.

Chef Cesare Casella

His rise to stardom started to accumulate by the year as he was eventually named the Executive Chef of Coco Pazzo that produced sister restaurants Il Toscanaccio. But seeing that he should also find security for his talent, he opened his own New York Restaurant in 2001, Beppe and in Maremma in 2005.

He has also written three books, Diary of a Tuscan Chef, Italian Cooking for Dummies and True Tuscan. He has also appeared in various food networks where he showcases his unique style of cooking that has been acknowledged worldwide.

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Eunice Kennedy Shriver is known to be the executive vice president of the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation and honorary chairperson for the Special Olympics. Her main goal is to be able to provide support in enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities all throughout the world. With such efforts comes a moniker that is used by people to associate with certain bake goodies.

Such was the tag given to an extra ordinary way of presenting the usual baked cookies that people are used to. While the recipes for preparing such are almost similar to that of mixing baking powder, vanilla, cream butter and sugar, the twist comes in when the butter is brushed and sugar is sprinkled to produce the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Sugar Cookies. This recipe was originally founded in 1989 during the Winter Games which contain heavy cream for the people who savor their sweet tooth demands.

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If there is one celebrity chef who is getting major media exposure, it is Rachael Ray. This non-traditional (read not a professional chef or trained in a culinary school) cook went from teaching shoppers a few basic recipes in a cooking demo class to having multiple shows on the Food Network, books and Magazine. You can literally spend everyday with Rachael Ray though it isn’t likely to be in person through these sources.

Her magazine, Everyday With Rachael Ray, is a very useful resource. The recipes included aren’t just a list of ingredients and instructions. Each one has pictures as well so that you know what your finished product is supposed to look like. There are recipes for kids, 30 minute meals, meals for cooking once a month with friends and easy to prepare meals. Just a little something for everybody.

The magazine and its contents are just like Ray herself. It is fun, easy to read and understand. The recipes are easy to follow and result in delicious meals that don’t take forever to make or any major cooking skills.

One area that is very important when you are a regular traveler is the food area of any airport. You sometimes have a lot of time to kill between flights and you may want to grab a bite to eat while you wait. Thankfully, gone are the days when you would have to make do with just greasy food or the vendo machine.

If you are flying out from the T.F. Greenstate Airport in Rhode Island, you will get to enjoy the food made by Wolfgang Puck. Opening in October, the Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express is an open-air style cafe. The menu includes the chef’s famous pizzas, soups and salads for traveler‘s enjoyment. Yummy!

The time may not go any faster (this is definitely beyond Chef Puck’s abilities) but thanks to his creativeness and dedication to quality, the waiting will definitely be a lot tastier. You may not even notice the time because the food is sure to be good.

Antony Worrall Thompson.jpg
When a chef achieves celebrity status, certain expectations arise from the masses. The first is that they can cook. The second is that should they have a restaurant business or be involved in one, their restaurants should be superb places that meet at least the basic minimum standards for health and food. They can have a rating of so so but never a zero. That is just unthinkable for many.

Unfortunately, Antony Worrall Thomspon’s latest pub has gotten a zero from the food hygiene inspectors. A spokesman for the health department for the West Wilshire District Council said that all they were interested in is ensuring that each place they rate meets the hygiene standards.

Thompson says that the rating was unacceptable. It was made in December when the pub was being run by a different chef, who has already been sacked. He points out that he merely set up the menu and had an agreement to make a once a year guest appearnce at the pub. It was the pre-christmas rush at the time and they were undermanned.

Would anyone say these are valid reasons? All that Thompson can do is improve the service and try to get a better rating the second time around.