jamie oliver.jpgIn a recent interview, Jamie Oliver has expressed that he feels that he is now ready to take on a new project. He would like to have a show that has more depth to it; something that would truly be BBC. He would like to have a show on the evolution of the British taste buds.

Oliver says that he would like to look at all of Great Britain, not just England. He says that he sees that there is much to be proud of, and that much of it occurs around food. He would focus on the food of Britain. He would like to bring in some specialists and showcase food and its relevance in history. At this point, though, he hasn’t decided on how to do the presentation yet.

For those wondering if he’s planning to leave Channel 4 to shift over their sister company, Oliver says that that won’t happen anytime soon. It is definitely something that he will work on though because he feels that the UK is now ready for this kind of show.

Expedition 13 Emeril_Lagasse Packets.jpg
When someone’s food is chosen to be served at major occasions or for certain people, it is definitely a singular honor to be chosen. There is nothing like being asked to cook for some of the people with the toughest and riskiest jobs – our astronauts.

The honor has been given to celebrity chefs Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray. Their recipes were analyzed, tested, processed, dehydrated and packaged into food packets for space. The astronauts then got to enjoy the taste of these special dishes which must have made a nice break from the regular fare.

Rachael Ray contributed her Swedish meatballs, spicy Thai chicken and vegetable curry recipes. Chef Lagasse on the other hand sent our astronauts some green beans, jambalaya, mashed potatoes with bacon, rice pudding and fruit. The astronauts of expedition 13 also appeared briefly via satellite last August on Chef Lagasse’s show “Emeril Live”.

Will other celebrity chefs be sending up their dishes? No word has yet been said. It is sure though that our astronauts love the food.

julia child.jpg
Julia Child may already have passed away but her legacy lives on. She was one of the first and probably the most widely viewed celebrity chef, bringing French dishes and cooking to Americans through her TV show. She was also an author of 17 cookbooks. In fact the first cookbook she wrote (co-authored with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle) is still one of the best references for anyone who wishes to learn french cooking today.

Julia Child and 8 other women are being inducted into the very prestigious National Women’s Hall of Fame. This organization acknowledges and acclaims the women who make valuable contribution to society, especially those who contributions foster women’s rights and freedoms. The induction will be held on October 7, 2007.

Other inductees include Engineer Dr. Eleanor K. Baum, Suffragist Martha Coffin Wright, Philanthropist Swanee Hunt, Medical doctor and best selling author Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, environmentalist Winona La Duke, astronomer Dr Judith L. Pipher, Catherine Filene Shouse founder of the first national park as well as being the first woman to recieve a Harvard University masters degree, and last but not least Henrietta Szold, educator and founder of the Women’s Zionist Movement of America.

tyler florence.jpgThe internet has changed the way we interact. It has allowed people to reach out farther than they ever thought possible – talking to family and friends on the opposite side of the globe. This is great exposure and great business. TV and movies are now moving to utilize the net as the latest medium for entertainment and the world of cooking isn’t far behind.

Tyler Florence is one of the first to have his very own online cooking show. Entitled “Cooking With Tyler Florence”, viewers will now be able to go online and follow along as Tyler Florence gives instructions on how to make his exclusive AOL online recipes. Yes, AOL and Time Warner are the companies behind this show.

Visitors to the site will be able to access not only the cooking videos but get some recipes ready to print. Tyler Florence also has a daily blog and a weekly planning menu that is really helpful to both kitchen novices and veterans alike.

For those who wish to check it out, please visit http://cooking.aol.com/tyler-florence.

The world knows him as a foul mouthed, mean tempered dictator in the kitchens who just happens to have a talent in the kitchen and a restaurant empire to prove it. His shows Hell’s Kitchen and F-show are titled aptly, most feel. Yet one wonders if this is really Gordon Ramsey or is this all part of the show.

Gordon Ramsey answers the question himself in his new book, Roasting In Hell’s Kitchen. This autobiography gives quite an insight into the man who is in command of this kitchen. Imagine that he himself was surprised when he first saw the first tape of his show. He wondered if he really seemed such a bully. In spite of the way the shows portray him, Gordon Ramsey says he really isn’t that bad. He’s a perfectionist because he wants to be the best at everything he does.

In the book, Chef Ramsey writes about growing up with a father who beat his wife and children. He opens up about the disappointment of losing the dream to play soccer when his knee got injured. He talks of his devotion to his family and the loyalty of his staff. It truly makes Gordon Ramsey very human.

“Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen: Temper Tantrums, F-Words, and the Pursuit of Perfection” is available courtesy of HarperCollins.

Anthony Bourdain.jpg
Anthony Bourdain has accepted a challenge from food writer, Michael Ruhlman of Cleveland Heights. He’s gone off to Ohio to find proof of life beyond the world’s largest rubber stamp and cow tipping (if you have no idea what cow tipping is, watch the movie Cars. They call it tractor tipping in the film).

Michael Ruhlman and Anthony Bourdain are actually friends. Ruhlman challenged Bourdain on his blog to come to his hometown, preferably during one of the colder months. The weather may be grim but that hasn’t stopped the celebrity chef or the “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: crew from getting there.

What has the celebrity chef been doing? He’s been winter skiing on Lake Erie, visiting the Lake View Cemetery which is where John D. Rockefeller lies buried and taking a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame – the last in the company of Marky Ramone, drummer of the Chef’s favorite band, the Ramones. There’s even a mock drag race set between Bourdain and Ruhlman.

Of course no trip would be complete without food which is why he’s visiting Sokolowski’s University Inn to have some pierogi, checking out the exotic dishes at the West Side Market and trying the kielbasa at the Sausage Shoppe. He’ll also do some cooking with Michael Symon, Lola chef and Owner.

No date has been set yet for when this episode will be aired. Definitely though it brings good publicity to Ohio.

The awards are raining, and that is a great thing for any chef or restaurant. Awards are a way to identify that a restaurant is a great place to eat and this year, if you are in Las Vegas the MGM Grand is the best place to go since they have received the most number of 2007 AAA Diamond Awards – a total of 14 awards.

Chef Joel Robuchon leads the pack with his AAA 5 Diamond Award and his delicious French cuisine. He also received a AAA 4 Diamond award for L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

The restaurants of both celebrity chefs Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck also received awards, both of them 3 Diamond Awards. Emeril Lagasse’s New Orlean’s Fish House and Wolfgang Puck’s Bar & Grill both provide great food and without that stiff atmosphere that fine dining establishments have.

Truly if you are in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand is the place to go. After al they have been rated AAA diamond for their entertainment and services – that is the most important thing when you go on vacation.

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baked apple.jpgHealth is of major importance to everyone. It is considered the true wealth by many. After all, you lose your health and that’s pretty much it. So here’s an interesting list to make it on: Worldwide Fruit’s 10 Best Role Models for Healthy eating.

Three of the celebrity chefs have made it to the list – all from the UK. These are Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsey. Surprised with their choices? None of them, however, hold the top spot. That honor went to a fictional character – Sportacus, the hero of the TV kidshow “Lazytown”. The winners get a box of Jazz Apples – hmmm, wonder what recipes the chefs will put the apples in?

Nigella has a cool recipe for apples. She calls them Baked Caramel Apples and they make excellent desserts, especially with the fudgy sauce. Mmm…a sinful and delightful treat indeed. Here’s what you need to make this delicious dessert:


  • 8 cooking apples
  • 125g unsalted butter
  • 150g light muscovado sugar
  • 250ml Calvados, brandy or apple juice
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 125ml double cream


Preheat the oven at gas mark mark 4/180?C. Core the apples and, with a sharp knife, cut a line round as if circling the equator. Put them in a roasting tin. Press in butter and sugar, alternately, in the holes and press any excess on top. Put the Calvados, brandy or apple juice with the lemon juice into the tin. Put them into the oven and cook for about 50 minutes or until tender.

Then take the tin out of the oven, remove apples to a plate or dish and pour the cooking juices and liquid into a saucepan. (I’ve left them to cool for about an hour and a half and they’ve still tasted perfect). When you want to eat pudding, nip back to the stove and put the saucepan on a high heat on the hob. Let bubble till reduced and thickened; it should be like a gooey sticky syrup. Stir in the cream and let bubble again for a few minutes; pour this fudgy sauce over the apples. Serve straight away, as they are: you don’t need to eat anything else alongside or dollopped on top.

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bobby flay.gif

If you have a new family product, one of the best people to choose to help promote it is a celebrity chef. After all there isn’t anything more central to a family than food. Chrysler obviously agrees because they’ve chosen Chef Bobby Flay to be their guest celebrity for the product that is their “bread and butter” – the minivan.

Chef Flay helped unveil the Dodge Caravan, Town & Country. Then he proceeded to make a delicious meal of spiced pork tenderloin and some chocolate cake. The tenderloin had a mango sauce and diced chili pepper which Chef Flay felt matched the boldness of the Dodge brand. The chocolate cake represented the classic aspect of Town & Country.

Chef Flay had the able assistance of Chrysler CEO, Tom La Sorda, who donned an apron during the unveiling. Bobby Flay quipped that La Sorda sure seemed to know his way around a hot kitchen referring to the fact that the CEO has been in the hot seat lately.

Whether or not people will buy the new minivan, Chef Bobby Flay sure made it a delicious unveiling.

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Emeril cookbook.jpg

If you have kids at home and they are interested in cooking, here’s a cool gift to give them. Titled Emeril: There’s A Chef In My World, this is celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse’s second children’s cookbook. He’ll have your kids saying “Bam!” and having a great time in the kitchen even as they make delicious meals all of you will enjoy.

When interviewed about it, Chef Lagasse says that he thought of writing a kids cookbook in the first place because of the kids who would go to his show. There were also kids who wrote him by email asking questions with various questions about cooking. He realized after “A Chef’s In My Soup” was published that many parents were sneaking peeks into the book too. That inspired the creation of his second book.

Chef Lagasse says that cooking makes him happy because it makes people happy. He loves soup dishes and pasta. he isn’t fond of desserts – though he does make delicious ones.

The book is published by Harper Collins.

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